Sevya supports artisan groups that have little access to marketing avenues by reviving endangered art forms and showcasing their products in the global arena. Sevya works with thousands of artisans throughout India, including weavers, block-printers, embroiderers, and jewelry makers. One endangered tradition Sevya supports is Bandhani.

Bandhani is a process of patterning cloth by tie-dyeing in which the design is reserved on the undyed cloth by tying small spots very tightly with thread to protect them from the dye. The tradition of Indian Bandhani began 5000 years ago. This craft is practiced by both men and women. The traditional designs, motifs, and color palettes are specific to each community and reflect the animals and plants of their local environment. In the craft of Bandhani, each pattern has a special name and certain designs are worn for specific occasions, such as religious ceremonies or weddings. True Bandhani fabrics cannot be produced by machine, only by hand.